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New Submissions!

2009-12-29 19:13:01 by sparkyou

pkmn2 's Sonic Battle: Collab is out now! check it out!
Sonic Battle: Collab

also i thought this was pretty sweet
ninja stick combat yeah

and everyones seen this thing right?

thats it for today!

Merry Christmas!

2009-12-26 12:09:54 by sparkyou

Another year is coming to an end... it seems like just last week me and my good friend cybercyber7 were hanging out on new years eve. I look forward to another great year and more great times on Newgrounds. Merry Christmas!


2009-12-23 14:25:01 by sparkyou

i wonder if anyone is lame enough to post alist of christmas presents they get on christmas?

dawning darkness 2

2009-12-16 17:54:00 by sparkyou

Ive started working on Dawning Darkness Episode 2 and I promise it will be much better than the first. It will not, however, be any longer. I use Windows Movie Maker to make my videoes and then convert them to Flash, so the files end up quite large and only allows me about a minute of video, so it wont take long to watch. Also many new characters will be introduced in this episode.
Hope its done soon! Merry Christmas,

FantasyLand and Stuff

2009-12-02 15:58:07 by sparkyou

Hello! this is my first post! Im a new user to Newgrounds, but i have been playing games and watching videos here for a few years now. Im a member of FantasyLand. we have a youtube and facebook pages <a><a> and we make videoes and comics. I write a comic called Smilies (which is not anywhere on the accessible internet) and love making videoes. I just recently got into animating sprite movies and am working on a series called Endless Universe (Im working on the title) and will feature lots of characters from Sega, Nintendo, and Capcom. Im not finished yet, so I guess Id better get to work! c ya!